He Heard Something Tapping On His Window. He Went Outside And Found Something Terrifying


In Australia, the animals are stranger, larger, and more dangerous. They have got some of the most odd-looking species Down Under.

The proof is here because a man named Eric Holland took a picture of a lizard crawling across his house. If you’re thinking that it is not a big deal, well, take a look at this particular lizard. It was a five-foot long monster; and obviously, a lizard that big is not a common animal sighting.

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This is the photograph taken in Thurgoona, New South Wales, and it shows a lace monitor lizard. These Aussie creatures can grow as long as 6.5 feet, and they are carnivores. Their usual diet consists of birds, other reptiles, eggs, and small mammals. It is rare that they would venture out into urban areas because they usually keep away from humans and mostly stay in the bush.

Mr. Holland was coming out of his shed when he saw the lizard. After he recovered from the initial shock, he grabbed his camera and took a snap.

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