Video Captures ‘Humanoid Godzilla’ Hunting for Food Off the Coast of Galapagos Island


A video showing this massive six-foot long iguana having an all-you-can-eat undersea in the Pacific Ocean has surfaced.

Internet users dubbed the wild thing Godzilla for its rampaging motion and size, which is enormous compared to other marine creatures. The sea reptile was clearly seen in the video searching for food underwater before swimming to the surface to get some air.

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It then swam back to the bottom of the sea, swinging its tail in a human-like movement to continue hunting. It even passed by one of the divers who were recording  its movements.

Steve Winkworth was able to film the lizard at Cabo Marshall, diving spot off the coast of Isabela in the Galapagos Island.

The video was posted on Reddit with a title “Tiny Godzilla nomming on things underwater”. The footage has become viral on the Internet.

Marine iguanas are vegetarians, which explains why this tiny godzilla is seen in the film eating algae. They can dive deep underwater up to 9 meters and they are an expert when it comes to hunting deep sea.

Watch the video below

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