Killer Whales Chasing a Speedboat – Rare Video how the Killer Whales Speeding up


Two fishermen were able to record quite the sight: a pod of 30 Killer Whales chasing after their boat. Ben and Todd, who could only be identified with their first names, spotted the pod as they were sailing along San Diego Bay one morning.

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Both men were immediately alarmed because as well all know, Orcas aren’t dubbed the “killer whales” for nothing. Orcas are known to be hunters in their natural habitat. They viciously flip over sail boats and attack seals.

The 20-foot fishing boat was being chased by what the fishermen counted as a total of thirty wild Orcas. The terrified guys were able to capture the moment on camera. They tried to increase the speed, but the Orcas still kept pace.


“About five miles off Point Loma, we saw the animals but couldn’t determine exactly what they were until they approached our boat. There was a pod of about 30 of them, young and old, small and large,” Ben told the Daily Mail.


Orcas have been an attraction in places such as Sea World, where they are held captive and trained for entertainment. But seeing them in the wild, especially in such a close encounter with humans, is far more beautiful than seeing an animal swimming in a man-made aquarium.

In mid 2015, a Kiwi man named Nathan Pettigrew captured a similar moment when he paddled with six wild orcas.

“I saw some large black fins come out of the water about 100 meters in front of me, so I stopped”, Pettigrew said in an interview with Daily Mail–Australia.


Orcas have actually attacked humans on rare occasions, so this close encounter still makes you worry for their safety. But no one can deny that seeing these majestic creatures swimming freely is a sight to behold.


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