Wild Leopard Attacks 6 People After Wandering into School – Shocking Video

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When an animal gets enraged in the middle of a populated area, you can expect some people to get hurt. That’s exactly what happened in Southern India, when a leopard got out and ended up in a school, injuring six people and going against wildlife officers in a 10-hour standoff.

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A footage surfaced showing the dangerous animal wreaking havoc in the area. At some point, it is seen chasing down a man. The man tries to climb over a fence, but then the big cat manages to leap, then pulls the man to the ground, bites him in the shoulder, and mauls him.


The leopard then runs across an open courtyard and scales a fence as shots are fired. As the events grow more intense, people can be heard screaming and clamoring in the background.


According to the Associated Press, the leopard was eventually shot with a tranquilizer dart by forest worker, which ended the ordeal that happened in Banglore’s Vibgyor International School.

Wildlife official Ravi Ralphtold reported to BBC that it’s possible that the dangerous animal wandered into the school from a nearby forest patch. Further reports stated that the animal was first caught by the school’s security cameras before dawn.


In the end, the animal’s rampage left six people injured, including a TV cameraperson, a forest worker, and a scientist. They were all treated for injuries and the captured leopard was transferred to a national park.

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