The Man Who Forms Inseparable Bond with Massive Bengal Tiger


Find all the crazy cat owners you like, but none of them would hold a candle to a 33-year-old man in Indonesia named Abdullah Soleh, who looks after a giant cat named Mulan. The giant cat being the largest of the brood—a tiger.

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Abdullah raised Mulan since she was a three-month-old cub, as her owner is unable to care for her. Today, Abduallah sleeps, eats, plays, and even fights with the majestic creature.


He and the tiger cub grew so close that even though Mulan is now full-grown, they still share a bond that very few carers have with their wild pets.

Now three meters long, Mulan still sleeps with her “Tiger Nanny,” who by now abandoned a warm, cozy bed to be with her.


The caretaker, who sometimes even feeds Mulan out of his mouth (tiger kisses!) said about his pet, “Mulan is a spoiled tiger; she is exactly like a best friend. She always plays with me and eats what I eat.” He said that they even share food, and if Mulan does not like what her caretaker is eating, then she will leave it. Otherwise, she will eat Abdullah’s meal as well.


Caring for the huge Bengal tiger has its ups and downs. While Abdullah enjoys their “mock attacks,” where Mulan hugs and kisses him and vice versa, her size and weight can be overwhelming.

He said that he’s been injured from their play-fighting, but by now, he thinks little of them. Abdullah shared, “Having a bit of a scar from her doesn’t mean anything to me, getting a scratch or even a bite from her is a common thing. I realize that she is an animal who has her own instinct, she is just like a cat.”


“When she is playing she can scratch and bite, and those are just a few of the risks that I have to face,” he added. He also shared that due to the size and the animal’s wild nature, it is important that those who want to be near Mulan should know of her character.

mulan2 mulan6

Still, the feline has become so attached to her human carer that she gets anxious when he leaves. Abdullah said, “If I am not home, Mulan will be trying to find me, she will be anxious. That is why I am always with her to play, to sleep, and to feed her, that is how I spend my days.”

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