For 16 Years, Man Has Been Letting Dangerous Snakes Bite Him—All for an Important Experiment

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If you happen to encounter a snake, what would you do? Run, perhaps. But not Tim Friede, because this guy doesn’t shoo these reptiles away, he lets them bite him.

For over 16 years, Wisconsin native Friede has been drawing himself close to the world’s most dangerous snakes.  And the 37-year-old says that he will never stop unless either of these two things happen—the development of an anti-venom vaccine or his death.

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Friede has been bitten for 160 times, some of which led to near-death experiences. He got too obsessed with his own deadly experiment that he forgot he got other things to take care of, leading his wife to eventually file a divorce.



Friede has a lot of different snakes in his home, such as a black mamba, a mojave rattlesnake, water cobras, and a PNG taipan. During an interview, he took a back-to-back bites from a taipan and a black mamba.

He said, “My arms were killing me after the bites, there is a real throbbing sensation, but I felt great.”

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