Monster Under the Bed: Man Sleeps with 8ft Crocodile Hiding Under His Bunk


Sometimes there are monsters under our beds. For one man in Zimbabwe, it was an eight-foot-long monster to be exact.

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Guy Whittall heard a maid scream in his room at the Humani Ranch. Amazingly, he had managed to stay in the room the entire night without noticing the monstrous crocodile that was under the bed.

croco2 croco5

Whittall, who is the director of the family-owned lodge, recalls that he even dangled his bare feet off the side of the bed in the morning.


Little did he know that he was just centimeters away from the dangerous mouth of the beast.

croco3 croco7

Animal control experts had to deal with the 330-pound dangerous creature.

croco4 croco8

Experts believe the crocodile came from the Turgwe River, which is more than a mile away from the lodge.

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