Man Swims with Best Friend Polar Bear and Even Lets It Bite Him


Agee’s filmography includes a role in the 1996 adventure film Alaska directed by Fraser Heston. Although the movie wasn’t a commercial success, it was still where Mark and his wife, Dawn, first encountered Agee as a cub from the Kolmarden Zoo in Sweden.

They had to work hard in making the best place where the polar bear could live in, which included a spacious piece of rented land. When it’s time to work, the couple do their best to make her comfortable on sets.

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Mark and Dawn have raised Agee on a diet composed of protein-rich foods such as salmon, chicken, or other meats. She gets her carbohydrates from high-quality dog food along with prescribed vitamins.

In the wild, polar bears feast on seals in particular, so the couple has always been keen in giving Agee the same amount of supplements needed.


Mark isn’t one to underestimate the power of this colossal mammal, but that doesn’t stop him from being at awe himself of their relationship.

“We wrestle for fun and sometimes we fall asleep on the grassy lawn together. It’s a great way to unwind after a bad day,” he said.”I feel pretty privileged to be able to nap with my head resting on a fully grown polar bear.”

The pair continues their training when Agee has no film schedules. One of her noticeable skills is making a “roaring” sound on Mark’s cue, she also lies down, crawls, and sits up when instructed.


“She loves her work,” Mark said. “Polar bears are extremely intelligent animals and you can see she gets enjoyment out of being stimulated through her activities.”

He also shared that Agee gets some treats after working hard.


Agee seems to be possessive of Mark after spending a good chunk of her life with him. According to Dawn, the polar bear isn’t too keen when women other than his wife speak to Mark.

“She’s happy with me doing it, but if any other women are around, she gets very possessive of him.”

Unfortunately, Agee cannot return to the wild because she is already domesticated. But the good news is that she belongs to a family who respects her and is given mutual respect in return.

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