Caring Monkey Becomes a Mom to a Stray Puppy and Always Allows It to Eat First


An animal adopting another animal? Rare but it happened before. A number of animals reportedly cared for another animal of another species like the cat and the squirrel, the peacock and the goose, and so on. This time, a monkey adopted a puppy.

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In a little village in Erode, India, people thought it’s a bizarre thing to see a Rhesus macaque monkey in a company of a puppy. But it seems like the monkey cares for the puppy like it’s his baby.

Over a month ago, heartwarming photos of the two animals were posted on Facebook and have already been shared so many times.

Touched by monkey’s compassion toward the stray puppy, bystanders started giving them food since the pair practically lives in the streets. And they were amazed to see the monkey allowing the puppy to eat first.

It even protects the puppy by warding off other homeless dogs who attempt to come near the puppy.

What’s fascinating is the little dog seems to hang on and like it when the monkey would jump from tree to tree.

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