Brave Teen Has Been Handling Deadly Reptiles Since She Was 2 Years Old


It’s unusual for a person to come close to alligators, let alone handle the reptile. Even a grown man would cower before these deadly animals. But Samantha Young had a different experience with alligators all together. This brave teen has been handling them ever since she was a toddler.

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The 13-year-old got her first pet alligator at a very young age of two. She’s been handling them since, and now she teaches other people how to handle the massive animal. She also aids in transporting and capturing the deadly reptile.


Samantha grew up at her family’s alligator park, so as a kid, she has always been surrounded by the animals.


An alligator named Peewee is Samantha’s favorite because she grew up handling it. Peewee is a 6 ft, 100 lbs alligator—literally bigger than Samantha herself.


Jay Young, Samantha’s father, is also an alligator handler, and like his daughter, Jay also started handling alligators at a young age.


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