Thousands of Walruses Are Coming Ashore the Alaskan Coast …See Why This is Happening


Walruses are known to live in extremely cold places, particularly along the coasts of the Arctic Ocean. But as the global temperature gets a little warmer recently, thousands of Pacific walrus come ashore to Point Lay as they were forced to transfer location.

The huge congregation of walrus is the yearly sign of effects of the climate change. As the ice in the Arctic sea slowly melts, these animals’ massive evacuation proves how they are seriously affected by global warming.

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It has been eight consecutive years that these walruses, which are increasing in number, are spotted to come to shore in the US.


It was a bit harder for Pacific walrus to fetch food since hauling out on land puts the little ones at risk of sudden panic. Probably because of this and their growing number, 130 young walruses were spotted dead at the Icy Cape in Alaska after a stampede.



A huge flock of walruses can be seen in different parts of the world time after time. The first group was first spotted at the Chukchi Sea in the US last 2007, then another one emerged in 2009 and 2011, where scientists had recorded a kilometer of estimated 30,000 walruses along the beach near Point Lay. In 2014, their latest recorded population was 35,000 when they migrated to the same area.


The scene they create because of their large number drew curious sight-seers to the area. But the Fish and Wildlife Service in the US appealed to the public that they stay away from the gathering of the walruses. Low-flying airplanes and polar bears can trigger the walruses, thus increasing risk for stampedes.



The World Wildlife Fund stated that the massive evacuation of the walruses is a heartbreaking proof that wildlife is one of the direct victims of worsening climate change, a phenomenon that is very evident in the Arctic as it warms twice as quick as the other parts of the earth. Other creatures are even feared to become extinct.

These environmental crises are a striking reminder that there is an urgent need for us to abide by rules in protecting our earth and minimize, if not totally eradicate, deeds that can cause the warming of our planet.

Watch the video of walruses on a floating chunk of ice in the Chukchi Sea on the marginal part of the Arctic Ocean: