Terrifying Moment Whale Attacks and Drags a Woman Caught on Cam


Whales are generally considered as the gentle giants of the sea. A lot of people would go miles just to meet and even play with them. However, this story will make you think twice about going near a whale if you ever get the chance to see one.

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In this particular incident, a pilot whale suddenly attacks a woman and drags here 30 feet below the surface. The unfortunate event happened off the coast of Hawaii. A video capturing the intense encounter was uploaded by Animal Planet on YouTube.

Several viewers have shared their thoughts as to why the whale aggressively grabbed the woman and dragged her down.

A viewer commented, “It’s very sad that one of the most gentle animals on earth are portrayed as ‘aggressive’. This Lisa woman is invading their space, even disrespectfully touching them (I bet she would not have liked this from a human man) and then complaining about them. This is nature.”

Another viewer wrote, “The whale might have wanted to toy with her. Whales and many other animals do this quite frequently in nature. They have the brain of a human baby so if they want to toy with a much smaller and more fragile animal they can break it like a baby can do with its toys. It didn’t really seem like an actual ‘attack.'”

Regardless if it was the woman’s fault or not, one has to remember that whales are still considered wild animals, and just like any other creature, they rely on instinct and some of them may suddenly lash out.

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