19 Existing Dog Breeds That Closely Resemble Wolves

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wolf dogs

For apartment owners, you don’t need to worry about not getting a wolf type dog as a Pomsky is the perfect breed for small spaces. This cross between a Pomeranian and a Siberian husky resembles a tiny wolf and don’t require as much exercise as the other dogs on this list.


wolf dogs

Can’t decide between Alaskan malamutes or a Siberian husky? Get the best of both breeds with this adorable Alusky.

Finnish Lapphund

wolf dogs

This spitz-type dog has the face of a wolf but a smaller body, somewhere between a Pomsky and a husky. They do require more exercise than their smaller cousins, though, but are easy to train and make perfect family pets.


wolf dogs

The Tamaskan has strong resemblance to actual wolves, but they are more closely related to sled dogs. Because of their sled dog DNA, they are naturally obedient and even smaller in size than the German shepherd. They come in three colors: wolf gray, red gray, and black gray.


wolf dogs

The Utonagan was bred by dog fanciers to resemble wolves. They are regal in appearance and are more ideal to raise in places with colder weather. These dogs enjoy the outdoors, and owners need to see to it that they get plenty of exercise.

Saarloos Wolfdog

Despite their aggressive lupine experience, they are hardly ever wild or aggressive creatures. In fact, they are quiet and would better thrive in packs, so it is advisable to get two instead of one. Introduce your Saarloos wolfhound to small animals or children at a young age as these breeds have high prey drives.

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