Woman Trapped in an Abusive Relationship Saved by Her Rescue Dog

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Amanda Tromp had no idea how adopting her Siberian husky Kyro could make such a big impact in her life.

It started when Tromp stumbled upon the dog through an ad in Craigslist. He was described as an abandoned dog, along with nine of his siblings. After assisting with finding homes for the other puppies, she decided to formally adopt Kyro after falling in love with him.

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Tromp photographed above with her dog, Kyro.


Little did Kyro know that he would be joining a broken home. Tromp was in a toxic relationship with a guy who constantly abused her.


Even after bringing Kyro home, the man Tromp had lived with continued to treat her like a human punching bag.


The 22-year-old woman found solace in her dog. She found that with him, she was capable of being accepted and loved unconditionally. Tromp also found more motivation to escape the horrible situation in her own home by going on trips with Kyro. Eventually, she gathered up the courage to leave after her ex began to direct his anger toward the unsuspecting husky. For Tromp, it was definitely the final straw.


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