This Woman Loves Tigers So Much That She Keeps 2 of Them as Pets


While most people keep dogs or cats as pets, this woman takes care of an animal you never thought would even pass as pets.

Janice Haley, who lives in Orlando, Florida, cleans her garden every time to make it conducive for living for her beloved pet animals, 600-pound Bengal tiger named Saber and 400-pound orange Bengal female Janda.

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Haley was an admin assistant until she quit her job 21 years ago. She started working outdoors and later on took a tiger training course after she learned about it through a local newspaper.

The first tiger cub she brought home was Chauffer. She bought Janda in 2002 so Chauffer would have someone to live with. Saber was added to the family after Chauffer died in 2007.

tiger9 tiger5 tiger1

Haley took Janda in when she was just young, and now the tiger is already 13 years old. Saber joined them in 2007.


Her husband, David, helps Mrs. Haley take care of her rather unusual pets. They both spend their free time hand-feeding them. Sometimes, Mrs. Haley even lies on the ground beside her pets.


As if feeding and lying beside them isn’t enough, Haley even shares a kiss with her animal friends.

tiger3 tiger7

This is Cara Yeatts posing for a photo while comfortably leaning on Saber.

tiger4 tiger2

Just like how dog owners often play and care for their pet canines, Haley says she treats her tigers just the same way.

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