This Woman Must Have the Most Awesome Whale Breaching Video Ever!

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Is it your first time to see a close-up photo of a whale breaching? That’s okay. You’re not the only one.





When Sandy Seliga went on a vacation, she brought with her a bucket list of the things she wanted to do. One item in the list was whale watching.

When she finally got the chance to do it, Seliga readied her camera so she could take a proof of the rare experience. But when she turned it on, something unexpected happened.

While waiting for the whales, Seliga did not expect that one would appear so close and that her camera would catch it. Now what she has in her possession is the most awesome video of a breaching humpback whale.



Seliga’s video was uploaded in YouTube by the Conservation Council of New Brunswick (CCNB) and is now viewed almost 4.5 million times.


Yes, photos aren’t enough. Check out the actual footage here.

And more whale breaching here.


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