10 Most Amazing Stadium Designs from Across the Globe


There are many impressive works of architecture in the world. Sports and entertainment stadia are some of the best. From Quebec to Beijing to Munich, one can find the most beautifully designed stadia.

Here are the ten of the very best of them. Behold, the most amazing stadium designs in the world.

1. Nou Mestalla

Nou Mestalla

This will be the future home of the Valencia CF football club. The 75,000-seat stadium is nearing its completion. The stadium’s external facade features abundance of aluminium while the inside features lots of wood. This stadium is already hailed as one of the most attractive football stadia in Europe even if it hadn’t been completed yet. Whether the Nou Mestalla will feature artificial turf or use grass is not yet known.


2.Oita Stadium

Oita Stadium

This stadium is also called as Oita Bank Dome. The dome features a beautiful curved structural design. It serves as a multipurpose sports venue that has retractable roof. The dome can accommodate 43,000 spectators. Its beauty lies within its simplicity and elegance.


3. Beijing National Stadium

Stadium Designs Beijing National Stadium

Built for 2008 Summer Olympics, the Bird’s Nest became one of the more famous stadia not only in China but all over the world. The stadium features amazing architectural feats, and it was made mainly of steel.


4. Olympic Stadium Quebec

Olympic Stadium Quebec

This stadium features the most impressive method of retracting the roof. The Olympic Stadium in Quebec features a 175-meter tower that will sweep above the arena to close and open the roof.

5.The Olympiastadion Munich

The Olympiastadion Munich

This arena was the former home of Germany’s Bayern Munich football club. The stadium is unique due to its array of ten-like spires around the edges. The stadium can seat about 80,000 people.



6. Qi Zhong Stadium

Qi Zhong Stadium

Designed to look like a flower from above, this Chinese sports arena has movable roofs that are shaped like petals. The roof can close or open in just 8 minutes.

7. Yoyogi National Gymnasium

Yoyogi National Gymnasium

Another arena that is famous for its beautiful roof, the Yoyohi National Gymnasium is built within a park in Tokyo. The arena my be small, 13,000 seats, but it is beautifully designed. This arena serves as a venue for ice hockey and basketball games.


8. Beijing National Aquatics Center

Beijing National Aquatics Center

The Chinese built many stadia for the 2008 Summer Olympics, and the aquatic center is one of them. The cube-shaped structure features an awesome multicolored bubble design reminding each onlooker that it is an aquatic center.


9. Yas Marina Circuit

Yas Marina Circuit

Yas Marina Circuit is a racing track. Just by looking at it, one can understand why it is one of the best designed arenas in the world. It has a unique design that you would not see in other stadiums around the world.


10. Allianz Arena

Allianz Arena

When Bayern Munich left Olympiastadion Munich, they didn’t just go to another stadium. They built a more spectacular one to be home grounds. This is the first-ever stadium to feature a color-changing external facade. It turns red when Bayern plays, blue when 1860 Munich, and white when the German national team are playing. Or it can mix the red, blue, and white color, if the occasion calls for it.


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