12 World’s most Beautiful Train Stations


Usually, people rush their way to train stations without looking around just to catch a last minute trip. Well of course, that seems to be the norm. But, by doing so, one can miss the opportunity of looking at the beauty of these fine pieces of architecture.

Basically, not only do these train stations serve their purpose of making sure everyone gets to their destination, they also offer something for people to marvel at. And, they are great works of art too. So, if ever you get the chance to visit any train stations, you should probably share photos of it, just like the ones we have below:

1. Dubai Metro Station- Dubai, UAE

Dubai Metro Station- Dubai, UAE

2. Kirovsky Zavod Station- St. Petersburg, Russia

Kirovsky Zavod Station- St. Petersburg, Russia

3. O’Hare Station- Chicago, Illinois

O'Hare Station- Chicago, Illinois

4. Toledo Metro Station- Naples, Italy

Toledo Metro Station- Naples, Italy

5. Museum Station- Toronto, Canada

Museum Station- Toronto, Canada

6. Central Park Station- Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Central Park Station- Kaohsiung, Taiwan

7. T-Centralen Station- Stockholm, Sweden

T-Centralen Station- Stockholm, Sweden

8. U-Bahn Station- Munich, Germany

U-Bahn Station- Munich, Germany

9. City Hall Station- New York, New York

City Hall Station- New York, New York

10. Formosa Boulevard Station- Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Formosa Boulevard Station- Kaohsiung, Taiwan

11. University of Naples Subway Station- Naples, Italy

University of Naples Subway Station- Naples, Italy

12. Bund Sightseeing Tunnel- Shanghai, China

Bund Sightseeing Tunnel- Shanghai, China

The photos of the train stations above only prove that architecture and art may come together and create one beautiful yet useful masterpiece.



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