22 Beautiful Cabins in the Most Remote Places on Earth

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A cabin in the woods serves as a perfect getaway place for anyone, who wants to escape the busy and fast-paced life in the city. In this place, there are no cellular phones nor WiFi that will connect you with the current news and happenings. There are even no modern fixtures that will make tasks faster and easier; only pure country living without the aid of technology.

Despite the world embracing modernization, there are still plenty of cabins that have withstood the test of time. As a matter of fact, they look so beautiful that you will surely be inspired to stay there. Here are some:


1. Stone and Wood Mountain Shack, Austria

2. Cottages At German Alps

3. Tyrol Mountains On Winter, Austria

4. House with Grass Roof In Suyavik, Iceland

5. Reconstructed Thatch Home From The Prehistoric Times, Japan



6. Stormy Sunset Over Alpes, Italy

7. Lake House, Tyrol, Italy

8. Hut Hanging Over The Edge, Alpes, Switzerland

9. Forest Lodge In Siberia

10. Aurora Borealis Over Cabins In Iceland



11. Winter Paradise Cabin

12. Milky Way Over Idaho

13. Best Location For A Cabin

14. Red Hut, Mt. Aspiring, New Zealand

15. Small Cabin In Finland



16. Wooden Cabins In Swiss Woods

17. Beautiful Lofoten, Norway

18. House In The Middle Of The River, Serbia

19. Cabin On The Hill

20. Modern Cabin In The Woods



21. Barn In Colorado Springs

22. Milky Way Over New Zealand Mountains

Here are other beautiful cabins from all over the globe:



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