Apple Reveals Futuristic Designed Headquarters



Everybody knows that Apple is always up for any challenge – may it be something creative and unique. And recently, just before iPhone 6 was released, they have shown something truly innovative, something that is world-class – the Apple Campus 2.

Described by the late founder Steve Jobs as “something like a spaceship”, the Apple Campus is in the works for four years now. Its design was first revealed on October 2013.

The state-of-the-art facility’s design consumes an area of about 2.7 million square feet. This four-story building will house up to 12,000 employees, and will have great complimentary features, such as a fitness center, an auditorium, a number of trees, and a jogging track.

A111104 - PD Permit Final Set.pdf


Peter Oppenheimer, the chief financial officer of Apple, described the futuristic model as “the home for most creative and most collaborative teams in the tech industry to innovate for decades ahead”.

Apart from being an inspiration for civil engineers and architects, the Apple Campus 2 also serves as a role model for green buildings with roofs made up of solar panels.


At this point, the spaceship-like building is the only main structure in the giant complex. However, the company still plans to make more additions whenever the need rises. Should the building design be approved, a completed structure will be seen by 20156.

Once Apple becomes successful in the construction of their space-like structure, it will be one of their greatest achievements.





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