Uruguyan Architect Designs Round Bridge to Slow Down Drivers so They Can Enjoy the View


A round bridge across Laguna Garzón, which connects the cities of Maldonado and Rocha on the southern coast of Uruguay, was finally completed last 2015.

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The bridge, which was designed by Rafael Viñoly, was completed a year after the intense construction work started. The structure was built to replace the traditional raft crossing and to give drivers a better way to enjoy the view around them, which they might have missed with the old bridge.

bridge1 bridge4

According to the bridge’s designer, Puente Laguna Garzon was made as a revamp of the traditional crossing for vehicles. It is believed that the round bridge will help reduce the cars’ speed. Its design aims to provide a panoramic view of the stunning landscape and perhaps give way to the creation of a pedestrian lane at the center.

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