Taiwan Builds Church Shaped Like a Glass Slipper to Attract More Women


In Taiwan, there is a 55-foot-high church shaped like a high-heeled shoe. This was done in a bid to attract more women to go to church.

In the coastal province of Chiayi, Taiwan, a huge church made of 320 tinted glass panels and measuring 36 feet wide stands. It costs an estimated $686,000 dollars to build.

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These pictures show the size and scale of the church, which also has an open stage with spotlights. It opened on February 8, just in time for Chinese New Year.


The shoe was created by the local government in the tourist area of Taiwan. The building, though, will not be used for regular services, but it will be utilized for wedding ceremonies and pre-wedding pictorials. The plan was to come up with a romantic venue that every bride would love.

The shoe’s design was inspired by a local story. According to officials, during the 1960s, a woman named Wang suffered from Blackfoot disease. Her disease was so bad that her legs needed to be amputated and her wedding was cancelled. She remained unmarried, and she spent her life in church. The high heel was done in honor of her memory.

Another reason for the design was that it will supposedly attract women. Government spokesperson Zheng Rongfeng told local media that there will be 100 churches that are female-oriented in design.

So far, the church’s design and building has received a mixed review online. Some think that it’s just stereotyping what women want, others were simply not impressed by the design.

The church also received comments from its supporters. One social media user named Lao Fu Qing said that the design was “better than most modern churches.”

Another supporter said, “Most girls love fairy tales, it’s great that officials want to focus on women for once.”

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