First Ever Invisible Skyscraper To Be Built In South Korea


invisible skyscrapper korea

Image of the Day  Invisible skyscraper-3Today, more and more skyscrapers are rising so high to the point that they don’t only reach the skies, they also appear like talking to the clouds. Yes, they do make a beautiful cityscape, however, with the trend of modern buildings shifted onto these tall structures, they kind of kill the natural picturesque beauty we all want to see. So, engineers have come up with great solutions for that problem.

Image of the Day  Invisible skyscraper-2

One solution is through building an invisible skyscraper. It was the South Koreans who came up with this brilliant idea of covering the whole building with LEDs and cameras to make it appear unnoticeable. While cameras are used to check on the views, the LEDs will display whatever the cameras get on the other side. This means, even if a building appears virtually invisible to everybody it still has a wonderful skyline of blue skies and clouds.


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