In the Market for Crazy Chandeliers? You Got to See These!

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Chandeliers can be expensive, but a lot of people love to spend on these extravagant items to add elegance to their homes. For them, this kind of expense is more than worth it because having the right modern lighting will not only add a touch of sophistication to any abode, but can also increase your home’s value as well as create a cozier ambiance for your home.

Below, we have gathered 19 samples of these ingenious creations that show how you don’t need to spend too much to get that wonderful piece of lighting for your living spaces.

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Chandelier Made from Bike Chains

When we say bike chains, we usually think of grease and oil. But, Carolina Fontoura has taken the ugly out of these bike chains and made a Victorian-inspired chandelier with the kind of grandeur and style that took it to the next level. Its sense of delicacy gave it a stunning simplicity you would never have expected from simple bike chains.

Ink Cartridge Chandelier

Ink cartridges are considered useless after its contents have all been . However, One artists figured to give it a twist when he felt the urge of recycling the ink cartridges. He then came up to a cheerful looking chandelier.

Mini Lamps Made From Chandelier Bulbs

The ‘Drop Light’ made by Doosan Baek is an incredible combination elegance and usefulness for a modern chandelier. Every advanced LED lightbulb is removable from the main part and can be a self-supporting lamp when separated and inverted.

The main body lamp is not just a glassware rack but also charges  the advanced LED lights, which are designed to keep each lights manageably cool to handle. The design also made it possible for people to be prepared for emergencies as alternatives if a classic flashlight is not in sight.

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Chandelier

This Alice in Wonderland inspired chandelier would really make you reminisce your childhood fairy-tale stories. The combination of different colorful teapots and anything nice boozed up its elegant look.

Fishing Floats For a Chandelier? Why not

You’d never thought that nylon fishing gut and fishing floats would also be a good idea until this surprisingly great design for a chandelier was made. It is a sudden outcome after recycling some items most people thought would be useless.

Leafy Chandelier

This is an awesome idea for people who would want a greenish environment. The picture above was designed for an Italian restaurant in the US and was displayed at Salone Internationale del Mobile in Milan.

The glass and metal chandelier are both lighting and plant pot installation. You can also customize your own Flora chandelier depending on what kind of plants are you going to put on.

Frying Pan Chandelier

Who else would think that frying pans are also for chandeliers? This incredible creation has given emphasis in the culinary room at the Culinary Institute of America in Texas. The arresting sculpture was made from more than a dozen of frying pans.

Giant LED Chandelier

The hugest chandelier in the world was made and designed by the Meyda Tiffany, a company that produces world class chandeliers. Its innovative look will make you think of the interior of a palace. This  actually made the Stanley theater in New York enchanting.

The chandelier uses 328 LEDs and 1120 watts of electricity which is more efficient than the standard light bulbs with its body made of brown glass, acrylic and steel. It also has bronze and gold for finishing touch, weighed in at 7000 pounds, crossed 35 feet from edge to edge, and as high as 17 feet.

Chandelier Made From Gita Cutlery

This design is undoubtedly perfect for your kitchen. The Gita Cutlery Chandelier is composed of random items that you or your mother would probably need in the kitchen.

Glory Pendant Light

Jonas Lönborg has designed a uniquely wild Glory Pendant Lamp that might boldly lighten up a mood in the room. This mind-blowing chandelier is made up of a lady’s legs.

Lighting Floor Chandelier

This inventive chandelier is a huge sparkle-loaded lamp that instead being hanged on the ceiling, it  is laid on the floor. Actually called “Swarovski Floor Chandelier by Studio Dror, it emits a dramatic effect with its 6,400 gems that gently scintillates the whole space including the floor.

Gummy Bear Filled Chandelier

Jellio, an interior design company, customized an acrylic version of 5,000 all-time favorite Gummy Bears to come up with this childish looking chandelier.

Jellyfish Inspired Chandelier

An artist from Melbourne, Timothy Horn, got inspired by the 19th century German zoologist Ernst Haeckel’s illustrations of large jellyfish prints. As an outcome, he then created his own version of a jellyfish chandelier which was made by fiber optics and silicon rubber. The has graceful moving effect of a real jellyfish and was suggested to be used in an underwater themed restaurant.

Chandelier From a Bunch of Papers

Eco-conscious people would be very glad for this paper renovated chandelier which would definitely help recycle wasted papers. This environmental friendly makeover or also known as Light Reading Chandelier was designed by the designer Lucy Norman.

Hangers And a Chandelier Combined

Its remarkably created pattern gave the light to shine through attractively. The unbelievable innovation of wood and plastic hangers and an old bike rims validated its perfect name, Hangalier.



Chandeliers Made From a Thousand Paperclips

The eye-catching collaboration of dismantled frames of steel wires and threaded paper clips creates a prism-like pattern when illuminated onto the walls and ceiling.

Chandelier Made of Tampon

Though tampons are widely use by many people frequently, its chandelier worthy material made it a more wow factor. Its simple yet alluring design gave it a classy look. But make sure not to keep it near any dining areas. Just don’t.

 Therese Chandelier

This chandelier rejuvenated the conventional ambient lamp, which is made from transparent plastic scintillated by a special fluorescent bulb. Its lighting fixtures revives the crystal templates with its 16 contour designed by Sander Mulder.

Volivic Chandelier Design

According to enPieza, a design studio which designed the chandelier located in Madrid, the volivic chandelier was made to be a classy tribute to “the Bic ballpoint pen as a 20th century design”. This stylistic chandelier is made out of Bic ballpoint pens and is available for only $1000 but only has 30 pieces for sale.

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