Have You Ever Heard of Landscaping Art …Prepare to Behold Pure Awesomeness

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American landscape artist and architect Charles Jencks has since gotten the attention of the world as the “critic who first defined post-modernism in architecture” in an event. Though he was born in America, he worked and lived in Britain for about four decades. And, it was there where his intricate designs were used in sculptural landscapes and buildings. It was also there, where he became known for his use of spiral mounds and other geometric shapes.

Among his most celebrated designs is the Garden of Cosmic Speculation. Located in Scotland, Jencks designed this in 1988 in memory of his late wife. It is inspired by both mathematics and science with various elements, such as Fractals and Black Holes. But, the garden won’t be complete without plants as well as the mathematical and scientific element. So, he elegantly combined all natural features with curves and artificial balance.

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His other works include the Portello Park in Milan, the Black Hole Landscape in Pune, India, the Northumberlandia Landform, the Bonnington House, Memories of the Future landform and reclamation project, The Scottish World, the Black Hole Oval Terrace, Jupiter Artland, Beijing Olympic Park, and a lot more.

Here is a compilation of Charles’s Designs

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