Take a Look at these Mind Boggling Architectural Creations

Mind-Boggling Architectural Creations That Will Definitely Impress You

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Architectural designs come in many forms.

From the simple, geometric finds we often see in modern buildings to the intricately designed palaces that belong to royal families, there is no denying that architects are one of the most creative people around. Not only are they capable of creating the most impressive and functional constructions but they are also known for making out of this world designs.

And several of these designs are quite known to stun the ordinary onlooker not just for its visually stunning design but at the same time it is also known to defy the laws of Physics. Here are just some of the world’s visually spectacular and intriguing creations found around the world.

1.) The Upside Down House

This particular wonky structure is the creation of Poland designer and philanthropist Daniel Czapiewski. Czapiewski built this particular structure as a statement about Communism and the current state of the world. The furniture inside are bolted to the floor to prevent them from falling.

It took him a total 114 days which is five times longer than expected as workers suffered bouts of dizziness and confusion. They needed frequent breaks to recover. Today, this structure is a popular tourist attraction and even many visitors do often complain about mild sickness after spending a few minutes inside the house.

2.) The Agence Arquitectura and Movimienta Workshop

The Agence Arquitecture and Movimienta Workshop in Mexico is simply catches one off guard with its strange and flowing design.

This popular building is found at Colonia Juarez in Mexico City, Mexico. This workshop was designed and built by the Mexican architectural design studio Agence Arquitectura Studio. The creation of this building was inspired from Mexican optical and cinque art.

3.) The Lover’s Balcony Façade

One of the greatest works of art is often found in the street in the form of street art or graffiti. If you fancy a romantic twist to your street then this optical illusion of lovers gazing out from the safety of their apartment might just work for you.

Little is known about the creator of this masterpiece but this piece of art can be seen on a house in the town of Rhazuns in Switzerland.

4.) Warped Buildings in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known around the world for its vibrant and perfectly preserved culture. Aside from its beautiful rows of old houses, this place is also known for its wacky and eye catching buildings. From oddly bent houses to houses varying is length and breadth, these out of the world creations will simply satisfy your curiosity of what a house from the pages of a Dr. Seuss story would look lie in real life.

5.) The Sinking House

There is little information about this particular house but one thing is sure about this strange structure s that is seems to be on the brink of sinking into the ground. But contrary to what your eyes see, this structure is not sinking. The builders of this house had every intention of giving passers by a vertigo inducing optical illusion.

6.) The 3D Lichtenstein House of Optical Illusions

One look at this startling design and you find yourself looking at a cartoon like house.

This wild creation is the design of American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. He is best known for creating colorful and lively advertisements and comic strips during the 1960’s. The House I, which can be seen above incorporates the artist’s crisp and elemental drawing that is heavy with black outlines and filled with colors based solely on primary colors.

This combination gives the house a third dimension effects.

Check out more outlandish and astonishing architectural designs from around the world in the videos below:

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