The Most Unusual Homes You Can Find …Get Inspired to Construct Your Own

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Millions of years ago, people started living in cages, under the shade of trees until they evolved and learned how to make makeshift homes. And, eventually, they  learned to do more until they were able to build remarkable architecture. You couldn’t imagine how they have been quite creative in the past.

However, if you will really look at some individuals nowadays, you will find  that they still have a lot in common with the people in the past when it comes to creativity. Who would have thought of ideas like the ones we are about to show you?

Nevertheless, it’s always a nice thing to own a house and move into it, especially if it was built based on your desired structure and own ideas. Because of this, we bring you the homes of people whose imagination brought them to create something unique and legendary.

Dick Clark’s Flintstones Inspired Home, USA

The celebrated 60’s cartoon Flintstones family was the inspiration of this one storey house in Malibu, which owner Dick Clark stated costs more than $3 million.

World’s Smallest 1sq Meter House, Germany




Occupying only a square meter of space, it’s considered as the world’s smallest house. This portable DIY wooden house was designed by Van Bo Le-Mentzel.

Old Water Tower Turned Into Modern Home, Belgium


This 100-feet tall water tower, which used to be a shelter for the Nazis, was eventually turned in a living space, designed by Bham Design Studio.

Stone House, Portugal

It may only look like a massive rock on one angle, but it has a complete structure of a normal house–thus it’s really a normal house! It has become a tourist destination in Portugal.



Transparent House, Japan

This completely transparent house is best for sunshine-lovers, but technically it does not offer that much privacy. This gives an idea how our predecessors, who inhabited trees long before, might have lived.


Slide House, Japan

If you love having adventures, this kind of house is good for you. It has a staircase on one side and allows you to slide your way dow from the third level to the ground level at the other.



Church Converted Into a Modern Family Home, Holland


This sophisticated house was redesigned by Zecc Architecten in Utrecht, Netherlands. Looking at how it looks now, you could almost thank the stars the church was abandoned years ago.

World’s Slimmest House, Poland


This 92-to-152-centimeter width house sprouted between two buildings and is called The Keret House.



Giant Seashell House, Mexico


A family in Mexico City had their house designed as a huge seashell with the work of Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright as inspiration.

Skateboard House, USA

Skaters would definitely love this house, as it allows you to skate all over the place. This Skateboard House was built in Malibu.

So, how will your future house look like? Watch out for more creative and crazy ideas from other people around the world–we’ll never know what you may come up with.

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