This $8.5 Million Dollhouse is the Most Expensive in the World…You’ve Got to Know Why



Colorado-based artist Elaine Diehl created the perfect dollhouse any girl would love and it is reportedly the world’s most expensive dollhouse ever made. The Astolat Dollhouse Castle has a reported sum of $8.5 million and will be on display for the first time.

This 29-room creation was modeled after the castle in Alfred Tennyson‘s poem “Lady of Shalott”. It took Diehl and her team thirteen years to complete the house. The artist enlisted the assistance of carpenters, goldsmiths, glass blowers, and silversmiths to craft the incredibly detailed miniatures, which include a baby grand piano valued at $7,000 and a minute Bible from 1811 that is priced at a staggering amount of  $5,000.

The handmade dollhouse also features several furniture and decorations that were taken from antique dollhouses. Other pieces that can be found inside include a 1949 Jeep Station Wagon worth $3,300, a miniature portrait valued at $1,840, detailed embroidered rugs, and bearskin.

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Curator for the Nassau County Museum of Art, and host of the upcoming exhibit, Paula Gilhooley, said in an interview with The Daily Mail UK:

“Astolat is one of the finest miniature structures in the world exhibiting a rare combination of sculpture, art, engineering, and detail that set it apart from anything in existence today.”

Another fun fact about this dollhouse is that it is displayed without dolls. According to its website:

“Like all the eccentric houses of neighborhood lore, nobody ever goes in Astolat, and nobody ever comes out.”

The money that will be raised through the dollhouse’s exhibit will go to charities for children, including Autism Speaks. A full schedule for the event is yet to be announced.

Take a glimpse at the world’s most expensive dollhouse in the photos below:






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