This Hotel Was Constructed out of a Very Unique Material- Watch How They Did It

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Sleeping Around is one fancy and classy traveling boutique lodge. It looks so beautiful that you can’t even believe you are actually living in the fragments of the global economy.

Today, shipping containers seem like a trend when it comes to building distinct and eye-catching structures. This is because these storage pieces are environment-friendly and easy-to-use. And by using these containers, designers were able to create beautiful prefab homes, food trucks, and office conference rooms.

In Belgium, a mobile pop-up hotel concept is becoming the talk of the town. It is called Sleeping Around. What makes it so popular? The reason this hotel is making a name is the fact that it incorporates shipping containers in the structure while providing a luxurious hospitality experience.

To build the hotel, several 20-foot-long recycled shipping containers were used. While some were converted into bedrooms with rain showers and air conditioning, others were designed for the purpose of enjoying a sauna or eating meals.

Cloe Daem of Sleeping Around explained the concept, “Until recently, an excess Chinese sea containers have been rusting away in the port of Antwerp. That’s how the owners came up with the idea: to give them a second life and convert these containers into mobile hotel rooms, using only ecologically responsible materials.”

So far, the hotel has only traveled within Belgium. First, it showed up at a design fair, and then it made its way to the heart of Antwerp along the Scheldt River. The average rate of a room in Sleeping Around starts at 200 euros.

Daem also added that business is getting busier than ever each day. She said, “We hope to travel around the world and to pop up on several great locations! Maybe one day we will have thirty containers traveling the world and going from city to city. Some advice: keep an eye on our Web site.”

This is Sleeping Around, a hotel made out of shipping containers.

Some of the containers were converted to bedrooms, equipped with high-end features, such as iPod docking stations, air conditioning, and luxurious bedding.

Others were designed for bathing and eating.

Each container measures 20 feet long.



Room rates start at 200 euros.

The hotel has since made one appearance. Before it traveled to the center of Antwerp, it first showed up at a design fair in Belgium.

The owners of Sleeping Around aim to have twenty containers traveling all across the world in the near future.


Find out more about this fancy hotel in the videos below.


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