20 of the World’s Most Astonishing Cat Tree Houses…They Spell Playtime for Your Kitties

20 of the World’s Most Astonishing Cat Tree Houses…They Spell Playtime for Your Kitties

As we all know, cats live a pretty lavish life. They run the house, make space for themselves wherever need be, and know how to get (and keep) your attention no matter what you’re doing. Whether you are working or just leisurely watching some movie, they will bother you, not leaving you any choice but to spare them a glance. They might even talk to you. Ever heard your cat meow at you? It’s not just them merely letting out a sound; they are actually trying to communicate. They don’t do it too often with other cats, but they do it quite a lot with humans. It is just one of the strangest behaviors displayed by felines. This is aside from chirping and chattering, as if they were birds, which they do when they are trying to warm up for a hunt. And they love hiding in boxes. Ever brought a package home and as soon as you empty it, your cat runs to hide inside it? This is them testing out the size of the box, just because they are curious.

Cats have some odd but quite classy behavior. But not only do they have the weirdest and sassiest attitudes out of any household pet, but they also require pretty sassy living quarters as well! We’ve put together a list of the worlds most fabulous cat houses and to be honest, we are a little jealous of the places these frisky felines get to hang out in all day.

Cat Titanic


Suspended-in-Mid-Air Tower


Kitty Loft


Flower Tower


Cat Treehouse

DIY Tower

Beer Tower


Outdoor Staircase



Cat Castle



Meta Tower


Cat Treehouse 2

Tower with Slide

Cannibal Cat Tower


Cat Martini Glass Tower


Cat Beach House Tower

Kitty Jail Tower

Kitty Lighthouse Tower



Kitty Crow’s Nest Tower

Cat Dollhouse Tower

Kitty Hotel


Want to build your own? It’s easy! Check out these DIY videos: