7 Fresh Bedroom Ideas You can Try


Bedrooms are where your dreams are conceived. Dream more dreams and wake up to a place that gives you a better perspective. Give your bedroom a major face lift with these seven simple tricks.

1. Work with the Lighting


When your room is muted, add warmth by putting on romantic lights or a gleaming overhead to add elegance.

2. Choose your Bed Sheets Wisely

Play with the colors around and the interior with your room and put them on your sheets.

If your theme is about traveling, put on some photos of your favorite spots on earth and let your bed sheets speak with the theme. If you want to make it Mediterranean, look for Moroccan, or Spanish or Croatian patterns.

3. Show Your Personality


If you are into arts, you can make your walls a huge canvass. Or you can put your paintings on the wall. If you are a bookworm, make a mini library and fill up your room with book wonders.

If you love collecting photos, put on some frames of those lovely films but make sure they don’t mess around the room.

4. Size it Up

If you have a low bed, choose smaller fixtures. Scale your lamp shades and your furniture around the room so it would not look awkward and offbeat.

5. Decorate your Windows

Curtains and blinds do wonders. They make your room look cozy and warm and they also make your room a little less gloomy.

Check on designs that would best suit your window and choose colors that would fit the shades around the room.

6. Give a Natural Touch


If real shrubs don’t sound so practical, you can put on synthetic plants and grasses to give your room a natural touch that would truly soothe your moods aat the end of your working day.

7. Layer on Pillows


Do not put on a dozen of pillow to your bedroom but make sure you have more than one in your bed. Play around with the colors and the arrangement as well as the sizes of the pillow and make sure they add comfort.

There is no better place than home and there is no better space where you can be yourself than in your bedroom. So make your room the most comfortable place on earth where you can spend your day dreaming and relaxing.


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