Birthing Pool

Baby Born in Birthing Pool Has a Very UNIQUE Medical Condition

Giving birth is a blissful and worth-the-wait experience for every mother. There really isn’t anything as beautiful and fulfilling as carrying a human being in your womb, especially when you finally start to show and reality starts sinking in! Mixed feelings of fear and happiness are quite normal during childbirth, making the entire experience even more special than it already is.

Take it from this expectant mom who opted to use a birthing pool during the big day. You’ll be surprised at how unique this type of delivery is, and you’ll end up feeling happy for the couple when the baby they’ve been waiting for is finally revealed to the world.

Mom Gives Birth to Baby with Rare Medical Condition in Birthing Pool

Last 2013, Amber Nicole and her military husband Kyle began documenting their third pregnancy. They uploaded the clips on YouTube, sharing their daily progress and other health updates. The couple already had two handsome boys. Although it would have been just fine if they’d have another boy, Amber was secretly wishing for a daughter.

Then came the fateful day they were waiting for. On December 21, 2013, Amber’s contractions began. The couple, Kyle’s sister, Amber’s mom, a professional birth photographer, and a midwife gathered around the birthing pool to support the strong mother. They positioned the pool right beside a Christmas tree to create a calm atmosphere and accompanied it with relaxing tunes that played on her cell phone. Kyle was ever the doting husband, massaging Amber’s back during the entire ordeal.

The intensity of contractions tends to build up as time goes by. The pain travels around the mother’s body, from her back to lower abdomen. But despite the unimaginable discomfort, Amber cannot be seen screaming or looking like she’s in pain.

“I just went away. I was in another world during that whole time in the pool. My happy spot was on the beach . . . that’s where I went,” she wrote on the video.

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Mom Goes Into Labor At Home

When it was finally time to give birth, Amber felt a “water balloon sac” over the baby’s head, a sensation she had never felt before given her past experiences with childbirth. Turns out, her baby is born en caul, a condition where the infant is born inside of the entire amniotic sac. This is a very rare event, happening in fewer than 1 in every 80,000 births. The couple didn’t have to worry as the amniotic sac is removable through careful peeling or gentle rubbing.

But this wasn’t the only surprise that day. Amber and Kyle’s wish finally came true because they just gave birth to a baby girl!

“I remember moving the umbilical cord between the legs, looking down, my husband and I kind of look at each other, and I looked at my midwife,” Amber says. “And the look on her face was saying, ‘You’re not crazy. You can say it!’”

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