Bizarre Websites

The Most Bizarre Websites Ever Created

The Internet is a huge space; it’s filled with bizarre websites. Well, it has useful websites that help anyone land a job, find a house, or even get a life partner. It’s also filled with entertaining websites like YouTube that let you watch the silliest and most shocking videos.

But while it is informative and fun for the most part, the Internet also has its fair share of oddity. There are a bunch of websites that seem weird and, well, pointless. And if you haven’t stumbled upon one, well, you are about to.

10 Bizarre Websites on the Internet

If you think you’ve seen enough weirdness on Facebook and Twitter, well then you’re wrong. Check out this list pf the most bizarre websites to ever grace the cyberspace.

1. Pointer Pointer

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bizarre websites

This website will load a picture of some people pointing at exactly where the tip of your cursor is. As soon as you move your cursor, the site loads another photo of someone pointing at the same direction.

Pointer Pointer is probably the most pointless site out there, but it’s one of the best websites to be if you want to waste a few minutes of your time looking at random photos.

2. Patience Is a Virtue

bizarre websites

Patience is a virtue and this website will test how forbearing you really are.

Patience Is a Virtue will show a page loading endlessly, along with texts that tell you to stand by, wait, or be patient. No one knows exactly when it will stop loading and what lies at the end, but one thing is for sure: only those with too much time on their hands will try to find out.

3. Sanger

bizarre websites

Once you visit, a cute puppy appears and starts licking your screen—or at least, that’s what it looks like. In fact, it looks so real that you’d want to take the little pug out of it. And according to some, the site is a curse since it will only make you miss your pets even more. But at least, you get to see a cute pug.

4. Cat Bounce

bizarre websites

If you are more into cats than dogs, you can head over to instead. With it, you can make virtual kitties bounce over your screen by dragging on each. That doesn’t sound too interesting, but wait until you visit the page and try the Make It Rain option.

5. Rainy Mood

bizarre websites

Everyone would agree that the sound of pouring rain is calming; it helps you relax, focus, and sleep soundly. Thanks to, you can already listen to the drizzles online for free! It has a sleep-inducing background music that plays nonstop, that means you can listen to it all day, every day.

6. Paper Toilet

bizarre websites

If you are one of those who find it satisfying to unroll a toilet paper, then is for you. It lets you unroll a virtual toilet roll, and once it’s empty, you can do it again. You also have unlimited tries, so just unroll bathroom rolls to your heart’s content.

7. Bristlr

bizarre websites is like Tinder, but it’s a dating platform for gents who have beards searching for people who like to stroke beards or vice versa. Of course, you can narrow down your search by setting the preference (e.g., gender, age, and distance), so you can easily find your one true whiskered love.

By the way, both of you must match and like each other for you to start exchanging messages and hope for something more.

8. Feeling Unlucky

Google shows the first ten search results for any query while does the opposite. The website will take you to the last search result once you enter a keyword. Honestly, it’s not as bad as you think. Try searching for a keyword and you’ll be amazed at what lies in the “bowels of the web.”

9. Pay for Nothing Club

Pay for Nothing Club is an entertainment-based platform where users pay a fee. And what do you get? Well, nothing. Yes, it is a stupid and silly site, but there are tons of people who fell for the trick and made a purchase for nothing. You can only wonder, How does it feel to buy and have nothing?

10. Ship Your Enemies Glitter

It is annoying to open a card that’s full of glitter, more so if it is an envelope full of that stuff! It’s irksome to receive such, which makes it a perfect present for the people you dislike.

With the help of, you can send your foes glitter bombs to ruin their day. But if you think that’s not too evil, the site has other prank schemes you can choose from. Just pay the price and they’ll do the (dirty) job for you. What a bizarre websites!

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