Boy with down syndrome is rejected for prom

Boy with Down Syndrome Is Rejected for Prom, But Gets Huge Surprise on Prom Night

Prom is one of the biggest nights in a teen’s life. After all, it is an excuse to get dressed up and have fun dancing the night away with your prom date. But asking someone out to be their date can be quite intimidating, not to mention embarrassing with the possibility if getting rejected lurking around the corner. This is why many teens go through extravagant lengths (such as the now-viral “promposals”) in order to get a sweet yes.

Sadly, 17-year-old Daniel Revis could not land a date before prom. All the girls he asked either had a date or weren’t willing to let him take them. Daniel has Down Syndrome and has often been stigmatized by the people in school. But little did the loving young boy know, one of his peers made it her personal mission to make sure that everyone got to enjoy prom night.

When Boy with Down Syndrome Is Rejected for Prom, This Girl Decides to Step In

Rejection can be mortifying, especially when it happens in high school. So when this boy with Down syndrome is rejected for prom, it was only understandable that he almost just wanted to give up on the idea of even attending the event. Even Daniel’s mother, Tonya, was heartbroken over what her son was going through.

This was when a tenth-grader named Kylie came into the picture. Not only did she want to ask Daniel to the dance, but she made sure to do it in style, staging her very own version of a promposal. The thoughtful teen chose not to do this remarkable act out of sympathy, but because she simply wanted to be his date for the night.

“I don’t think of kids that have a disability . . . I don’t think of them as being different,” Kylie told Fox News. “I hope I can make his night fun.”

No one was more touched by Kylie’s incredible gesture more than Tonya. She was quick to praise Kylie for seeing beyond Daniel’s disability.

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Kylie and Daniel

After a local television caught wind of Kylie’s promposal video, they did not think twice about treating the teens to a night of their lives. The Fox5 Surprise Squad were on hand to make sure that both Daniel and Kylie arrived at prom in style, so they arranged a Rolls Royce to escort them to the venue. Aside from that, the teens got a string of other surprises including a nice meal for two and a red carpet laid out just for them.

But the biggest surprise was waiting for them as prom drew to a close. The Fox5 crew gifted both Daniel and Kylie a trip to Disneyland with their families. On top of all the surprises, Daniel got a $10,000 college grant while Kylie was given a brand-new car. Looks like Daniel’s early feelings of rejection are now overshadowed by the company of a sweet young girl as well as a night filled with incredible memories.

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