Luxury Car Turned into a Zombie Fighting Machine

Luxury Car Turned into a Zombie Fighting Machine

Not many people do think about humanity’s impending doom. They most definitely do not have zombies in mind for that matter. But for Khaled Alkayed, a car enthusiast and designer based in Jordan, should there be a possible zombie outbreak, he made sure that his mode of transportation would serve him well. You will be impressed with how much details he actually placed into designing this vehicle.

To give you a small overview, the Maybach Exelero is an existing and unique sports car released by German manufacturing company Maybach Motorenbau, which is under contract with Daimler AG after being purchased on the year 1960. Alkayed happened to own one of these luxury car models and has since then been transformed to the ultimate vehicle for the apocalypse. He simply calls it the Zombie fighting Maybach Exelero, and the design is impressive it places any other protection from the undead to shame.

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Zombi Maybach Exelero

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The release of the Maybach Exelero became a big hit among those people who enjoy collecting cars. Although it may still be a prototype as of the moment, it does give the user a lot of protection in case an apocalypse actually happens sometime in the future. The massive V12 engine pumps out 700 hp, and 750 lb-ft of toque to match. Speeds like this could be perfect when it comes to outrunning zombie hordes and retreating from the undead.

While its performance and power do not really vary from the feature that the original design has, Alkayed did make sure to make little apocalypse-appropriate tweaks here and there.

The Mayback Exelero has a two-door design, that way you’d have less chances of having some unwanted passengers, living or dead, wanting to break into the car. Car owners will also enjoy its superior bullet-proof exterior because you’ll never know when some jealous people or conspiring government officials would want to gun you down during the outbreak, so maybe it is best to stay protected at all costs.

Zombie Proof Machine: Maybach Exelero

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The overall weight of  the Zombie Fighting Maybach Exelero is estimated to be around 6,000 pounds, which brings the vehicle to weigh more than how it initially does. That could be a small worry, though, as it does give you good speed at 200 mph, which is perfect for those weekly supply runs.

Based on the photos, you will notice that you won’t need to change the wheels and show yourself outside (where zombies may be lurking around) that much. The wheels in the Zombie Fighting Maybach Exelero have been replaced with that of an actual tank, which can literally be quite the driving force. That’s right, if you happen to be in the mood for some massive zombie brain squishing, then this superb vehicle would be a good way to go.

For Khaled, there were two important things to note when it came to the construction of the Zombie Fighting Mayback Exelero. One, he wanted to make sure that the pesky brain eaters would steer as far away as possible from the vehicle and that it would retain its beauty and modern design as much as possible. So aside from the sleek design you have already seen and the impressive bullet proof exterior, Khaled had it fashioned with actual guns to be able to head-shot a zombie from close to further ranges. Also, to prevent any zombie guts from ruining the car’s design, brush guards are available to help keep the zombies off.


Maybach Exelero with the engine exposed and hood opened

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There has yet to be a price or even a release date for the Zombie Fighting Maybach Exelero, but its initial design is already enough to keep people on the edge of their seat and looking for a way to contact Alkayed just in case a zombie apocalypse actually does happen.

But seeing how that is unlikely as of the moment, you can always opt for just the Maybach Exelero. It retails for a cool eight million dollars in the market, and it would be a perfect accessory for rolling with the rich and famous. Currently, rapper Birdman has owned one of these models after purchasing it back in 2011 for its original price tag. There hasn’t been word yet though if he plans to have it remodeled to rival that of Alkayed.

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