Man Walking Through Doors

Creepy CCTV Footage of Man Walking Through Doors Might Be Proof of Time Travel

Browse around the Internet and you just might end up in the wild conspiracy theories section. There are hundreds of topics to choose from, but time traveling is one subject that seems to interest Web users the most. People have compiled dozens of videos and images to back up the existence of time travel, with many suggesting that the government has been keeping it a secret from the public for years.

The video that you are about to see is allegedly proof of time travel. Although it is grainy and recorded in black and white, the amazing footage has convinced a lot of folks that there really are time travelers living among us.

Teleporting Ghost? CCTV Catches Man Walking Through Doors

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In the words of Back to the Future‘s Marty McFly, “Wait a minute. Wait a minute, Doc, uh, are you telling me you built a time machine . . . out of a DeLorean?”

Apparently, there are no DeLoreans present in this video. So it may be hard to explain how this man managed to walk through glass doors. The video surfaced online in April 2016 though there is no indication as to where it was shot. It starts with a hooded man who stops in front of a convenience store at the dead of night while two homeless people are asleep nearby.

Furthermore, the camera’s time stamp begins at 2016, but then it starts to flicker to 2019 as the man passes through the doors. After a few “flashes,” he can be seen walking back through the locked doors again.

Opinions have been divided ever since the video of the man walking through doors was released. Conspiracy theorists suggested that the “time-traveling ghost” used portals to get through the locked doors. But as expected, many noted that the lack of details suggests that the video is nothing but an elaborate hoax.

Mobile phone in the 1920s, Mohawk man in the 1900s, and Nicholas Cage the time traveler

The creepy “time-traveling ghost” incident is just one of many that have circulated around the Internet. One photo that surfaced on eBay showed a man from the colonial era who looked eerily similar to Hollywood actor Nicholas Cage. So far, Cage hasn’t come forward about his time-traveling ways.

Another supposed time travel incident was captured in a 1928 Charlie Chaplin movie The Circus. In the clip, a woman holding what seems to be a mobile phone can be seen casually passing through the scene.

So is time travel a real thing? Or is this topic reserved for the fictional books or movies? Watch the video below and decide.

Watch the video below