China’s Breast Model Contest Sets Netizens on Debate for Judging Women Solely Based on Their Breasts

China’s Breast Model Contest Sets Netizens on Debate for Judging Women Solely Based on Their Breasts

The idea of beauty competitions has evolved from the aesthetic category to a more elaborate criteria where personality, intelligence, and talent are major factors in order to win. However, China’s Fifth Annual International Breast Model Contest broke the stereotype and focused only on two things: the left breast and the right breast.

Twelve contestants battled for the title of the best bosom in China, showcasing their God-given “gift” in different clothing in the prestigious catwalk of The Westin Hefei Baohe.

Breast abreast: May the best breast beat the barriers

The lingerie competition looks fiery hot. Hefei’s stage is on fire because of these lovely ladies

The main highlight must not be overpowered by flashy underwear and bikinis. Contestants did their very “breast” to make their ampule chests stand out. A lot of effort and detail was poured into making their outfits too.

Then came the most coveted part—the swimwear competition! The stage was flooded with seductive bikinis that’d make you sweat like it’s suddenly summer.

The formal section was like the other side of a coin for the ladies turned from tempting to conservative.




The competition is divided into three parts to see how flexible their breasts are: lingerie, swimwear, and traditional formal.

Even the tiniest details are meant to draw your eyes

Netizens agree that the concept of the competition is aimed to empower women




And the winner is . . . Shanghaiian contestant number 8!

Although a considerable number of netizens gave the contest positive feedback, some also took it as something offensive. Opinions of social media users may be mixed, but the show was indeed a success!

Some people say that it was derogatory for the participants

Contestant number 8 admitted that she had breast implant surgery prior to the event. A few viewed these kinds of surgeries as a form of cheating, much like taking performance-enhancing drugs in a sports competition.

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