Collie Dog Breeds

Everything to Know About Collie Dog Breed

Are you thinking of adopting a Collie dog? Before you take that final step towards adopting a pet and welcoming a Collie into your home, you must learn everything you can about its breed so you are fully prepared for anything that can happen in your new life as the human owner and caretaker of a Collie. To help you out, we’ve compiled everything there is to know about Collie dog breed—everything essential, that is.

The Collie Dog Breed in a Nutshell

Collie Dog Breeds

This particular dog breed originated from Scotland. It was mostly bred in the Highland regions, but it was also found in the Lowlands as well in Northern England, where it served primarily as a shepherd dog. A Collie’s height is usually from 1 feet and 2 inches to 2 feet and 2 inches, when measured at the shoulder. They usually weigh from around 50 to 70 pounds and have an average life span of 10 to 14 years. 

Collies are known to be intelligent and sensitive, and they are equipped with the gift of being able to predict their owner’s needs. They are also incredibly loyal pets, making them the ideal family companions while retaining all the qualities of a good shepherd dogs.

Characteristics of the Collie Dog Breed

Collies are known to be one of the most adaptable breeds around. They are extremely sensitive to the moods and needs of their owners and can adapt well to an apartment living lifestyle. They do well in cold weather because of their thick coats; however, it is this same thick coat that makes them slightly uncomfortable in hot weather. Another thing they can’t stand is being left alone, especially for long periods of time.

As a family dog, a Collie is also one of the best breeds to have due to their affectionate nature. They’re also incredibly friendly to kids, so if you have young kids in your home, having Collies as pets would not be a problem. They’re also friendly toward other dogs and animals, so if you already have other pets in your household, Collies will be able to adjust well to their presence and interact with them. 

Collie Dog Breeds

When it comes to their grooming, take note of the fact this particular breed sheds a lot—as in an incredible amount. Thus, they might be a bit difficult to groom. This breed also has a tendency to gain weight, so you will need to monitor their eating habits to keep their general health in good condition. One thing you won’t have to worry about, though, is their drooling potential.

Their breed’s history of being used as herding dogs is probably a factor into why Collie dogs are remarkably intelligent and easy to train. They also have a great tendency to go after prey and to bark or howl.

Collies are very playful creatures, so you will need to schedule some time for you to play with them on a regular basis. Other factors you should keep in mind is that their energy level is just in the middle—meaning they’re not too active and neither are they too melancholic. 

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