This Family Of Six Converted An Old School Bus Into A Remarkable Tiny Home

This Family Of Six Converted An Old School Bus Into A Remarkable Tiny Home


Living in a mobile tiny house is an excellent way to live. It makes life simpler and it also allows you to travel and have a shelter at the same time.

A year ago, a family of six decided to do exactly that. The do-it-yourself parents chose to completely renovate and remodel a school bus and they transformed it into their own home. Inspired by a film, the family relocated from their rented home and moved into the converted school bus.

They put a lot of effort and attention to the details of decorating and even added intricate designs to each and every part of their new home. Even if they were living inside a mobile house, they managed to turn the process into a learning experience for the kids. The results of their efforts were completely stunning.

The Szymczak family has been living inside a converted school bus for the past year.

Tiny school bus home


The family renovated a school bus all by themselves after purchasing it through a government auction.

Ed and his wife Sarah saw that converting and living in the bus would cost much cheaper than living in Washington in their rented home.

Tiny school bus home

Aside from its financial benefits, the tiny school bus home gave the family the opportunity to spend more time exploring the outdoors.






The kitchen has a complete set of appliances and a wide array of utensils.

Tiny school bus home

During the day, the parents’ bed transforms into a play area. The bus also comes with a crib for the baby and bunk beds along the wall for the kids.

Tiny school bus home



The two sleeping areas are divided by a blackout curtain at night. There’s a 24-inch x 32-inch bathtub at one end of the hallway and a composting toilet on the other end.

Tiny school bus home

With the kids being home schooled, they are encouraged to take pleasure in and learn from living life in the simplest way possible.


The family is still hopeful that one day, they’ll be able to build a permanent home on their own plot of land and live mortgage-free. The family will be relocating back to their home state, Minnesota, soon.




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