Detecting Infidelity: Checking for Signs That Your Spouse Is Cheating on You

Detecting Infidelity: Checking for Signs That Your Spouse Is Cheating on You

Infidelity! It all starts as a nagging feeling at the back of your head. At first you tell yourself that it’s nothing; it’s just you being overly paranoid. But then the feeling gets stronger and stronger until the time comes when you can no longer deny it or put it aside: you think your spouse might be having an affair. 


We’d all like to think our partners are loyal to us, but if there’s one thing that is true in life, it’s that no one is perfect and even the nicest people can have skeletons hiding in their closet. Infidelity is a much more common social problem than we’d like to admit, and it is indeed one of the most challenging problems one can ever face in a relationship.

If you’re in a relationship and you’re having these nagging feelings yourself, it’s never a bad idea to pay attention to those hunches. What might start out as a gut feeling often ends up being justified when the truth comes to light and everything is finally out in the open. We’d like to help you out by telling you about the crucial telltale signs that can clue you in to the possibility that your spouse might be cheating on you. 

Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating on You

 Behavior changes, odd actions, and strange occurrences are often signs that can indicate that something is off. That said, it’s crucial to note that you shouldn’t just go off on your spouse just because he or she exits the room to take a call. Simply stepping outside to talk on the phone might not be enough reason to think your husband or wife is cheating on you. There’d have to be more definitive proof than that. 

If all or several of the following incidents have been regularly happening in your relationship, it might be time to start thinking about hiring a private detective to investigate your spouse infidelity:

Your sex life changes for the worse.

    • There is less physical intimacy in your relationship, and you and your partner barely have sex anymore.

    • If you do still engage in sex, you find them doing things that they never did before. 

    • You suddenly get diagnosed with an STD, and you have not slept with other people.

Your partner suddenly exhibits an unexplainable change in habits.


    • If your spouse was the verbally expressive type, he suddenly becomes cold to you and no longer says “I love you.”

    • There is poor communication between the two of you, and when there are issues, you can’t get your partner to discuss them with you. In any discussion, it feels like you’re just talking to a wall.

    • He or she seems to want more thrills or dangers than usual and is suddenly fond of taking risks. 

    • They suddenly start dressing nicer, especially to places or events without you. 

    • They suddenly pick up a new hobby, but when you ask them about it, they become vague in their answers or just totally evade your questions.

    • They suddenly start working longer hours at work when they didn’t use to do so.

    • They start  checking out other people much more often.

You notice changes in their attitude.

    • Your partner suddenly shows indications of low self-esteem, and he or she experiences confusion about himself or herself.

    • He or she becomes more negative than they were before.

    • They suddenly start picking fights with you more frequently and for no reason at all.

    • If there are talks or mentions about infidelity, your partner suddenly gets very defensive.

    • When you confront them and ask for reassurance about your relationship, they do not give clear, assuring responses. 

They lie to your face and avoid you altogether.


    • You discover that they have been lying to you about various things such as where they were on a certain day or whom they were with.

    • You feel like your partner avoids going to places with you, and he or she doesn’t want to do things with you anymore. 

    • Your spouse suddenly keeps a lot of secrets.

    • He or she abandons his or her religious faith or avoids going to church.

They become indifferent to you.

    • You notice a bored demeanor in your spouse—he or she seems as if nothing in your life together excites him anymore. 

    • He or she suddenly stops helping you out with the household chores.

    • Your partner doesn’t exhibit any show of jealousy about you, even as a joke.

    • He or she suddenly forgets important occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries, and if they do remember, they act like it’s not a big deal.

Money has become a problem in your household.

    • You see charges on their credit card statements that don’t seem to make sense.

    • You fight about money more often.

    • Your partner suddenly seems to want to avoid large purchases or investments such as buying a house, going on a trip, starting a renovation, etc.

Your partner exhibits changes in their use of technology.


    • Your partner suddenly stops sharing devices with you.

    • He or she reduces their presence on social media, but you still notice them using their phone to chat and send messages all the time.

    • Your spouse has suddenly made it a habit to clear the browser history on your shared computer.

    • Their fitness tracker shows them exercising at odd and irregular hours.

With all these things said, you should remember that these are not absolute indications of your spouse’s infidelity. Ultimately, it’s still better to have valid and conclusive proof before you go and confront your spouse. 

Short of hiring a private detective to investigate your spouse, the next best thing you can do is to invest in a GPS tracker and to discreetly install it in your spouse’s bag or briefcase. Such a device can help you in tracking the whereabouts of your partner in real time, with regular location updates all the time. Monitoring them wherever they go can help you determine your spouse’s infidelity and if they are really up to no good.