Doctors Bow to Patient Who Sacrificed His Organs So Others May Live

Doctors Bow to Patient Who Sacrificed His Organs So Others May Live

They say that compassion is measured by how much a person gives. But for the selfless and brave Liang Yaoyi, the gift he left to the world was something way more valuable than any amount of money—because what he gave up saved several lives.

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Liang Yaoyi, 11 years old, was a victim of brain cancer. As seen in the photo above, doctors were bowing their heads before the young patient as if to give thanks and respect. The reason behind it is a selfless act that will remain unparalleled.


Before he passed away, Yaoyi had a very selfless wish—to donate his organs. He told his parents that he wanted others to use his liver and kidneys, a dying wish that extended other people’s lives.

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Laing Yaoyi was a brilliant student from Shenzhen, China. At the age of nine, he suddenly felt dizzy. When he was taken to the hospital, it was later found out that the young boy had brain cancer.

But being the selfless innocent kid that he was, after he learned the diagnosis, Liang told his mom, Li Qun, that he wanted others to make use of his organs.


Daily China reported that according to Liang, the donation was a chance for him to be “alive in another way.” He also said, “There are many people doing great things in the world. They are great, and I want to be a great kid too.”

Liang Yaoyi lost his battle and died from the tumor last June.

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It is believed that doctors were able to save his liver and kidneys. On a side note, Liang’s teacher mentioned that he might have learned about organ donation by reading about it at school.

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Although he was too young to think about saving others, Liang Yaoyi had the heart of a true hero. He left the world with a very important gift—the gift of life.


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