Elderly Man’s Anniversary Surprise for His Hospitalized Wife Goes Viral

Elderly Man’s Anniversary Surprise for His Hospitalized Wife Goes Viral


A man surprised his ill wife on their 57th wedding anniversary by showing up to her bedside in a dapper tuxedo with a bouquet of her favorite flowers and some chocolate.

Jim Russell and his wife Elinor say they normally spend their anniversaries in a low-key fashion. Sometimes going on a nice walk or having a quiet dinner at home together. But this year, their family wanted to come up with a special and memorable way for Jim to make the day just as romantic for Elinor, who has been in the hospital for about 45 days.

Photos posted by their granddaughter to Twitter show Jim arriving to his wifes hospital room in a tuxedo with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for his bride.

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The tweet has since got viral and now, Jim is an Internet star and their touching love story is being seen by millions.

Jims son Bo told us that his daughters, Reid and Emmaline drove to the hospital early in the morning to do their grandma’s makeup for her and their grandpas anniversary. That gave Bo the idea of taking the special occasion one step further and putting his father in his tuxedo for his grand entrance.

Jim said he thought it was a great idea because his wife had been in the hospital for over a month and needed some cheering up.

“She looked like she was very happy and very surprised and a little emotional,” Jim said, ecstatically. “But she was very happy to see me come in. And it was a surprise.”

“It just worked out really well and it did a good job of cheering her up,” Bo told us. “She was very happy and the viral tweet was just an afterthought that Reid did without thinking it would go viral.”

Bo’s daughter Reid, who is responsible for posting the photos to social media, said she was expecting maybe 50 people to see the tweet. It currently has tens of thousands of retweets and favorites.


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