‘The Conservative Employee’ in AT&T’s Commercial Is Actually Really Hot

‘The Conservative Employee’ in AT&T’s Commercial Is Actually Really Hot

Malyn Vayntrub has been a constant fixture when it comes to AT&T, appearing in the telecommunication company’s many commercials as employee Lily Adams.

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milana1From Flo the Geico girl, AT&T replaced their previous fixture with Vayntrub who has captured attention for her comedic timing and natural beauty.



The comedy actress was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and lived there until her family moved to Los Angeles to start a new life. Vayntrub was only five at that time.

Vayntrub began her career in commercial acting, appearing in commercials for Barbie at a young age.


She quickly made the transition as commercial’s newest It Girl as she grew older. She got her training in improvisation with comedy group Upright Citizens Brigade in Manhattan.


Years later, she launched a successful YouTube channel called Live Prude Girls. The channel went on to make a Web series called Let’s Talk About Something More Interesting, which was a certified hit with the online community.



Even if she plays a conservative AT&T employee, the public were quick to notice her natural sex appeal. It is no wonder she was an immediate hit with viewers. Who doesn’t love a funny and beautiful girl? Vayntrub’s the whole package!

Vayntrub has expanded her résumé by branching out to television.


Other than the Yahoo! Screen series Other Space, Vayntrub’s television appearances include stints in ER, Silicon Valley and House of Spies.


Vayntrub has also done good in using her growing influence by raising awareness for refugees highlighting the Europe migration crisis with cause #CantDoNothing.

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