10 Cake Designs that are Completely Mind-Blowing



Before, we used to see cakes that are square and round, and then covered with white frosting and topped with a few colorful ornaments. But, that was a long time ago. Today, we can have any design of cakes we want. This is because modern chefs and bakers are creating cakes that are not just delicious, but are also visually pleasing, especially if these are topped with edible creations.

Yes, it is indeed fascinating to see how a pastry chef can bake a very creative cake. Below, we present you some of the most mind-blowing cake designs that you would probably doubt whether these are real or not:

1. A Chocolate Cake that Defies Gravity

2. Secret Agent Cake


3. The Faned Sorting Hat in the Harry Potter Film

4. The Nikon Camera Cake

5. A LEGO Cake




6. “Up”-Inspired Cake

7. Polo Shirt Rainbow Cake


8. Burger Cake, with Fries


9. Tire Cake

10. Library Cake




Here are more cake designs that are completely stunning:


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