15 of the World’s Most Unique McDonalds Franchises

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McDonalds has since become a global franchise. For years, they managed to achieve excellence and up ’til now, they are striving to be among the best.

Although McDonalds is already an established name, many franchise owners are incorporating a little twist into it. While some are adding some sort of Western Culture to the menu in order to come up with their own unique McDonalds meals, others are using their locations to become a stand out.

With all the additions and new features that every McDonalds has to offer, it has slowly become a tourist destination, not only for serving luscious meals, but also for their beautiful architecture. However, out of the thousands and thousands of McDonalds franchises all across the globe, only 15 caught the attention of the world. These are as follows:

Yangshuo County, China

New Hyde Park, New York, USA

New York City

Taupo, New Zealand

Debrecen, Hungary



Las Vegas Strip, Nevada, USA

Ghent, Belgium

Independence, Ohio

Aswan, Egypt

Kristiansand, Norway



Lower Saxony, Germany

Maine, USA

Bergen, Norway

Milan, Italy




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