30 Amazing Cake Designs That will Satisfy Your Love for Creativity




Cakes are not just a food for the stomach, but also for the eyes. What started as simple chocolate cake with frostings turned into some of the most artistic designs that imitate real life. Sometimes they also bring cartoon characters into life.

These marvelous cake ideas will surely satisfy your imagination. Feast your eyes on 30 of these wonderful delicious sugar-filled food madness.

1. M&M Cake

Do you think there are enough M&M's on this cake? #SugarPoisoning

2. Harry Potter Cake

Don't tell Hermione, but I ate all the books for this semester...

3. Disney Princesses Cake

Sometimes classics are the best: A Disney princess cake always delivers!

4. Polo Shirts Cake

I hope Blakke isn't going to try on one of these Polo shirts...

5. Billiards Table Cake

It's hard to shoot some pool when the audience keep trying to eat your table!

6. iPod  Cake

Steve Jobs: "One more thing... the Ipod Touch cake!"


7. Doughnut Cake

The perfect birthday cake for your policeman boyfriend...

8. Seattle Seahawks Stadium CAke

Are you still having doubts about me being a true Seahawks fan?!?

9. Cat Cake

Do not make this cake if your kid is a dog person!

10. Rubik’s Cube Cake

I bet that Rubik is sick and tired of getting the same old Rubik's cube cake every year...

11. Earth CakeTonight Pinky we're going to take over the world, one bite at a time!

12. M.A.C. Make-Up Kit Cake

This birthday cake is for either a very fancy teen or a M.A.C sales person...

13. Elegant Purse Cake

This lovely purse cake is perfect for your little shopaholic... Purse

14. Budweiser Cake

Nothing beats an ice cool "Bud" before saying Happy birthday!  Budweiser

15. Jordan’s Basketball Jersey Cake

When your kid is asking for a cake like this, you can at list rest assured that he knows how to pick his role models...

16. Luggage Cake

Did you pack your luggage by yourself? Do you have any food or beverage in it?

17. Dragon Cake

Man! I hate mint! I wanted the cherry red dragon!

18. Pirates Cake

1. Hoist the sails me hearties, it's Jack Sparrow's birthday!

19. Fairy Tale Book Cake

When a fairy tale becomes an edible reality...

20. Doctor Cake

This is Holly Howser's (Doogie's younger sister) 12th birthday cake

21. Musical Notes Cake

Nothing beats eating well composed and harmonic melodies..

22. Xbox CakeTyler, this is not your birthday gift, its just a cake. Sorry bro!

23.  ‘Into the Wild’ Cake

This cake inspired Christopher McCandless to set out 'Into the Wild'

24. Camera Cake

Eat a cake and take a selfie at the same time!

25. Burger Cake

Don't be mistaken, it's not Junk Food... It's healthy sugar!

26. Guitar Cake

Make sure that you tune this guitar before serving...

27. ‘Game of Thrones’ Cake

There can be only one true king on this Game of Thrones cake!

28. Hollywood Cake

It's time to "cut" the scene and blow out some birthday candles...

29. Scrabble Cake

Let's play scrabble... The winner eats it all!

30. Romantic Couple’s Cake

If this cake is any indication of how this couple's marriage life will look like, I envy them.



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