33 of Best Pizzerias You Can Find in the US

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Italians may have founded the pizza, but the Americans have claimed it and done innovations with it that easily became people’s favorites. In fact, it has become such a regional staple that there are already deep dish pizzas from Detroit and Chicago, clam and coal fire pizzas from New Haven and wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas with fresh ingredients for toppings from California.

So, it is but right that the US will have a number of the best pizzerias in the world, and below are 33 of them:

1. AL FORNO — Providence, RI

Credit: Al Forno

Home of the innovative grilled pizzas started by Chefs Johanne Killeen and George Germon, Al Forno, which has been in business for more than 30 years, serves pizzas as appetizers and these feature crust charred from maple charcoal and a delectable mixture of cheese and tomatoes inflected with peppery oil.


Credit: Antico Pizza Napoletana

This pizza house is the first ever to bring the Neapolitan-style pizza to Atlanta, Georgia and serves such offerings as the Pomodorini or the San Genero. You have to be up bright and early to get hold of these pies though, as they run out pretty fast.

3. BUDDY’S PIZZA — Detroit, MI

Credit: Buddy’s Pizza

Since 1946, Buddy’s has been making a hybrid Detroit-style pizza that comes in rectangular shape, instead of the usual round one, which features a caramelized crust, meats tucked under Wisconsin brick cheese, and sweet tomato sauce, with their own legendary “Red Top” flavor.

4. BEST PIZZA — Brooklyn, NY

Credit: Drew Swantak

Best Pizza is known for its white pies with their thin crust studded with sesame seeds, caramelized onions, and gooey cheese.


Credit: Sarah Miknis

Bocce Club is the home of  Dino Paccioti’s Buffalo-style pizza that comes with a flavorful fluffy dough, in-house made mozz, their own brand of sweet tomato sauce and thick pepperoni slices.

6. CANE ROSSO — Dallas, TX

Credit: Cane Rosso

With three locations already in Dallas, this pizza shop cooks pizzas in a 900-degree oven in just about a minute’s time. This is where you can get a Neapolitan Margherita that is simply out of this world or a Motorino topped with Calabrian chiles, inhouse-made burrata cheese, and sausage made locally.

7. DENINO’S — Staten Island, NY

Credit: Flickr/Krista (edited)

Known for the its famously mouthwatering Garbage Pie with its meatball, pepperoni, and sausage toppings, Denino’s is considered as the best pizza place in Staten Island.

8. DOMENICA — New Orleans, LA

Credit: Graham Blackall

Domenica is home of the best famous whole-roasted cauliflower appetizers that really does well with their yummy pizzas, among which are the Calabrese with its capers and spicy salami toppings and the Gorgonzola with its peaches, speck, and honey toppings.

9. ETTO — Washington DC

Credit: Laura Hayes

Etto’s pizzas are said to be one of its kind because of their in-house milled fresh flour, their dough’s fermentation process and their meat toppings that are all cured in-house. Their best sellers include the Sausage and “Friarelli” with mozzarella and rapini and the Bell’s Oberon with some of their sliced prosciutto di Parma that has been aged for two years before they were sliced and their spicy capicola salumi.

10. EVO — Charleston, SC

Credit: EVO

With its named riffed off from the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, EVO or Extra Virgin Oven is known for the quality and simplicity of their pizzas. Aside from using local ingredients, they are also known for its crisp crusts that are tender at the center. They have pistachio pesto and plain pesto pies that are absolutely to die for.

11. FARMSHOP — Larkspur, CA

Credit: Farmshop

The Farmshop is known for its California Tomatoes pizza with its Ramini mozzarella di bufala, among many things and its Biano, which is topped with chorizo, spicy peppers and broccoli rabe.

12. FLORIOLE — Chicago, IL

Credit: TownerPhoto

Although they only serve pizza one night in a week, Floriole undoubtedly serves among the best pizzas in Chicago with their crusts that are flawlessly textured and their ingenious toppings that differs week after week, which may include charred cauliflower with crescenza, walnut-cashew Romesco, and pickled hot peppers as well as heirloom tomato with cheddar Mornay made from raw milk and Iberico de Bellota lado sourced from a salumi shop in the locality.

13. FRANK AND HELEN’S PIZZERIA — University City, MO

Credit: Grant Condon

Operating since the ’50s, this pizzeria has Formica tables and paneled ceiling that says little of the goodness of its St. Louise-style pizza that comes with ultra-thin crust, Provel cheese and sweet tomato sauce..

14. FRANK PEPE — New Haven, CT

Credit: Flickr/Kent Want (edited)

Having been around since 1925, this pizza shop is the front-runner of the New Haven style of pizza, with the White Clam Pie being its most popular.


Credit: Sonya Highfield Photography

Known for its Sicilian pizzas, Umberto serves its pies with a crust that is in the style of a focaccia and they are so light and airy, they will almost melt in your mouth in delectable goodness.

16. GARAGE BAR — Louisville, KY

Credit: Magnus Lindqvist Courtesy of Garage Bar

Garage Bar is popular for serving pizzas that combines the flavors of Naples and the American South along with crispy, but chewy crusts. So, do not be surprised if you will find country ham in your white pie here.

17. GENNARO’S TOMATO PIE — Philadelphia, PA

Credit: Gennaro’s Tomato Pie

This spot in the south of Philly is known for serving the best thin-crust Neapolitan pizza in the city. The pie may be simple with its freshly crushed tomatoes, whole-milk mozzarella, and olive oil, but they are absolutely divine. It helps that the pizzeria’s ambiance takes you back in time with its tiled walls and posters from the World War I era.

18. HOG & HOMINY — Memphis, TN

Credit: Hog & Hominy

Made by locals Michael Hudman and Andy Ticer, the pizzas in Hog & Hominy are a great combination of the guys’ heritages. One of its well-known pies is the Prewitt with its toppings of fontina cheese, Cajun boudin sausage, tomato sauce, and scrambled eggs.

19. KEN’S ARTISAN — Portland, OR

Credit: Andy Kryza

With a wood-powered oven as its centerpiece, this rustic pizzeria serves the best salty prosciutto pie with its meat sliced translucence-thin, gooey cheese and slightly sweet sauce.

20. MOTORINO — New York, NY

Credit: Flickr/Jason Eppink

With a branch in Manhattan, Brooklyn, two in Hong Kong, and one in Manila, Motorino offers heavenly “charred-yet-chewy” Neapolitan pies with the Prosciutto di Parma being among its best sellers along with the BiIllyburg, which is a huge porchetta calzone that you can either eat by yourself or share with a friend.

21. PAPA’S TOMATO PIES – Robbinsville, NJ

Credit: Allicia Leaper

The oldest pizza joint in the country, Papa’s serves the best inside-out pizza which has the tomato sauce poured over the cheese, instead of the other way around. They also serve a one-of-a-kind yellow mustard pie that you simply have to taste at least once in your lifetime.

22. PAULIE GEE’S — Brooklyn, NY

Credit: Tim Kang/Courtesy of Paulie Gee’s

Although this pizza place looks like a barn, it is the home of among the world’s best wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas and one of these is the house favorite named Hellboy with its Berkshire sopressata piccante and spicy honey. The Greenpoint Benedict with its hollandaise and Canadian bacon toppings is also a must-try.

23. PEQUOD’S — Chicago, IL

Credit: Kathryn Katz

Pequod’s may not be as famous as the other makers of deep-dish pizzas in Chicago, but it makes a mean sausage and olive pizza that goes along nicely with the delicious caramelized cheese that rings the crust.

24. PIZARO’S — Houston, TX

Credit: Pizaro’s

Although this pizza place does not sell pies to go, it is the home of Chef Bill Hutchinson’s best Verace Pizza Napoletana, which is easily the best in all of Texas. Try the Calabrese with its perfect combination of mozzarella, basil, pepperoni and spicy sopressata.


Credit: Pizzeria Bianco

This over 25-year-old pizzeria is home of Chris Bianco’s legendary artisanal pizzas. One of their must-tries is the Sonny Boy.

26. PIZZERIA MOZZA — Los Angeles, CA

Credit: Pizzeria Mozza

With a new branch already in San Diego, Mozza is known for serving the best pizzas on the Left Coast. Try their pie with the egg, bagna cauda, guanciale, radicchio, and escarole toppings.

27. POST OFFICE PIES — Birmingham, AL

Credit: Liz Childers

Home of Birmingham’s best pies, Post Office Pies is known for its Swine Pie, which is topped with bacon, savory sausage, and thick slices of pepperoni, slathered with gooey cheese, and topped with fresh basil.

28. PUNCH PIZZA — St. Paul, MN

Credit: Flickr/Aaron Landry

With a number of fast-casual branches all around Minnesota, Punch has an Italian co-founder who wanted to bring authentic Neapolitan pizzas to the Midwest. As such, be sure to order their Margherita with an extra drizzle of olive oil and some San Marzano tomatoes.

29. RUGGERO’S — Flint, MI

Credit: Jeff Waraniak

A family-owned pizzeria that has been in existence for 56 years, Ruggero’s offer the old-school goodness of pizza with mounds of toppings and chewy crust. Here, you can get the pizza special, which is actually two humongoys slices of the joint’s renowned square slices, which are a mix of Detroit and Sicilian styles, that are thick and dense with pepperoni, cheese, and garlic.

30. SALLY’S APIZZA — New Haven, CT

Credit: Flickr/Carl Lender (edited)

With its only location situated on Wooster Street in New Haven, Sally’s offer white pizza with fresh tomatoes and cooked in a charcoal-fired oven.

31. SERIOUS PIE — Seattle, WA

Credit: Serious Pie

Home of James Beard Award winner Tom Douglas, Serious Pie offers the best Prosser heirloom tomato pizza with salsa verde, burrata, and pine nuts. A weird mixture, yes, but absolutely out of this world.

32. UNA PIZZA NAPOLETANA — San Francisco, CA

Credit: Flickr/Simon Law

A pizzeria that originated from New York City, Una Pizza Napoletana offers Neapolitan pizzas, obviously, but its taste is something you have to try yourself to explain well.

33. VITO AND NICK’S — Chicago, IL

Credit: Matt Lynch

Known for making crispy-crust, square-cut pizzas since 1932, Vito and Nick’s serves the best sausage pie, which is basically a gastronomic meaty treat deluged by some delicious cheese.

An Added Surprise: TONY’S PIZZA — San Francisco, CA

Credit: Grant Condon

Home of the 2007 World Champion Pizza Maker Tony Gemignani, Tony’s is where you will get all types of surprising pizza flavors that rivals the best from Buddy’s, Pepe’s or Gennaro’s, which is the Detroit-style Red Top, white pie with garlic and clam, and the Trenton-style tomato pizza, respectively.



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