5 Strangest Korean Dishes for Those with Cast-Iron Stomachs

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Korean food has become the go-to cuisine in cities all over the world.  From everyone’s favorite spicy side dish kimchi to the delectable bibimbap, each dish holds a burst of flavor enough to satisfy our palates. But every true connoisseur knows that when it comes to embarking on a gastronomic adventure, the exotic ones should be included.

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Many regard the extreme spices in Korean dishes to be a challenge, but wait until you see these dishes below, ranging from the bizarre to the downright outlandish.

Check out this list of Korean foods definitely built for those who have cast iron stomachs. We’ll let you decide which ones you happen to be brave enough to ingest:

Jokbal (족발)



Koreans are famous for their seasoned meat, so it’s no wonder that jokbal is a staple in menus. Jokbal is basically a pig’s trotters or feet. It is said to prevent hangover. So you can find jokbal served at night and consumed with soju. It is greasy in nature and is usually wrapped with lettuce with ssamjang and garlic.

Live Octopus—Sannakji (산낙지)



This dish is definitely not for the fainthearted! Contrary to what the name implies, the octopus (or squid) isn’t alive. But that doesn’t stop the tentacles from squirming. In addition to that, once you pop them in your mouth, you’d actually feel the suction cups sticking to your tongue.

Beondegi (번데기)


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