Adorable Cake Designs You Should Definitely Try


Cakes are probably one of the most iconic desserts associated with various celebrations and wonderful occasions.

Perhaps one of the greatest highlights of this classical dessert is its decorations. The decorations have not only served as a topping but it also has become an eye favorite that makes cakes more delectable and mouthwatering.

The once simple decoration that makes use of icing and sprinkles on top have become a thing in the past. Today, with several new products like edible gold leaves and rice crispies, cake decorating has become an art form. This became an art form so refined that it has become difficult for people to eat these sweet treats.

Here are just some classic examples of cake decorating brought to a whole new level.

Delectable, sugary cookies anyone?

Pink never looked so good!


For a more festive touch.

Spring cleaning never tasted this delicious.

Perfect for that summer getaway!

For the hopeless romantic in you.



Isn’t this sweet?

A cake full of hearts!

For the diet conscious in the group.


Check out other cake decorating ideas in the videos below:


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