This Beauty Guru Uses Snacks as Makeup Inspiration Before He Eats Them

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Social media has no shortage of fierce queens who aren’t afraid to channel their creativity. YouTube beauty guru Tim O (or Skelotim on Instagram) is no different, just that, he gets inspired by the oddest of things: food.

The talented makeup artist, who describes himself as the “bald-headed bearded bitch who wears makeup,” gets inspiration from snacks you see in the grocery store.

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Tim isn’t the first artist who is inspired by food. Remember when renowned artist Andy Warhol produced the 1962 Campbell soups? It just calls to show that anyone can find art, you just need to look around you.

Here are some of his looks:

Funyuns-inspired makeup


Cheetos-inspired makeup


Takis-inspired makeup


Ruffles-inspired makeup


Pop-Tarts-inspired makeup


Watch the videos below

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